Roof Cleaning Maryland uses Keyworduv and Commentluv

Roof Cleaning Company in Maryland

Roof Cleaning Maryland uses Keywordluv and Commentluv

If you run a blog and are unaware of Keywordluv and Commentluv, keep reading! By using these two plugins, my viewers are able to comment on my posts and link back to their own website. This is a gift to you! It helps you by getting links to your site, and it helps me to get viewers over here.

So, feel free to comment as much as you’d like, but try to make it useful or else you could be labeled as SPAM and wouldn’t be helping yourself at all.

If you want to use Keywordluv to comment on a post or page, do so in the following format:



When your readers leave a comment, they should leave their name and keywords in the Name field, using the following format: name@keywords.

When posts are displayed, the plugin searches for the @ character, strips it out and moves the name to front (outside the link).

This plugin is really to help you all. By default, the plugin adds a message to the comment form telling you to enter YourName@YourKeywords in the comment field.

Note: You must not be logged in to my blog to utilize Keywordluv.

Basically, instead of entering your name, you enter somelike like this: Phil@Roof Cleaning Maryland <– This is my keyword.

For the website portion, you will enter where you want your keyword to link to. The Keywordluv plugin then changes the output and shows like this, “Phil from Roof Cleaning Maryland” as well as my comment.”

It’s a win – win! Feel free to comment if you have any questions!

Commentluv is a plugin that takes the url from the comment form and tries to parse the feed of the site and display the last entry made. If you have any questions about this, let me know. I know it’s a bit confusing, but once you get it all figured out, you will be able to get much more traffic to your blog or website.

To learn more about Keywordluv, check this out: Keywordluv

To learn more about Commentluv, check this out: Commentluv

  1. Testing Keywordluv and Commentluv!

  2. Thanks for the commentluv site. I need to install this myself on my site as I seriously needs some backlinks.

    Never mind. I just did it! Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Phil RogersPhil Rogers02-14-2011

      Good Luck, Bill!

    • Kimmo@fräknarKimmo@fräknar02-27-2011

      I’m not sure I understand your comment. But are you gonna install the plugins on your blog in order to get links?

      That’s not the way the plugin works. It actually lets people link out to their websites :)

      You got it all wrong, buddy!

  3. Great idea to implement these plugins, it is how I found your blog and I’m sure you will find a lot more traffic coming your way.

    • Phil RogersPhil Rogers02-26-2011

      Thanks, Dan. Hope your window cleaning business does well!

  4. This is cool! This can help us get lots of backlinks! Thanks! I’ll try it!
    Mila@starting a roofing business recently posted..Hello world!

  5. MarylandMaryland04-12-2011

    Thanks for this site. Yes, it uses keyword and comment. Keep this site good.

  6. The luv plugin has moved my google position up approx 3 pages in a week span. it works great and helps out bloggers as well!

  7. I have been trying this but not sure if I am getting much in way of results yet.
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  8. I have commentluv and keywordluv and I love these plugins. I know what you mean about spam, but at the same time, its creates great traffic to my site. Thanks for offering these plugins too!

  9. These plug ins are great.. higher google rating.

  10. Very useful plugin, was looking for something similar for my company blog, thanks for sharing

  11. Nice. I hope it this plugin will help us too.

  12. programmes tvprogrammes tv06-20-2011

    KW luv is a nice addon to increase traffic by a notch.

  13. SteveSteve06-24-2011

    Commentluv is a great plugin!

  14. You provided clean and informative post about keywordluv..I would also like to add that beside providing the link ,it helps in brand building.

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  17. Hot Maid ServiceHot Maid Service08-02-2011

    Gotta love the keyword luv plugin. My next blog is definitely going to have it installed.

  18. DannyDanny08-03-2011

    I’ve heard of this plugin but didn’t know if many people were using it. Does it help readers leave better comments?

    • Phil RogersPhil Rogers08-09-2011

      Dan, it helps with traffic, but I’ve been getting a lot of spam because of them, lately!

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  20. Thanks Phil for a wonderful post.KeywordLuv and CommentLuv are the basic entities to fetch the customers and gain really useful feedback.They are helpful for blog owners and commentators.

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  24. This does seem like a very handy tool for websites and blogs. Cheers for this! It’s an effective method to get your voice heard online.

  25. AlyoshaAlyosha11-10-2011

    Great information.I will try to use it.Anyway,thank you for posting.

  26. I don’t have a commentluv and keywordluv installed in my blog but I usually made comments on blogs with commenluv-keywordluv plugin and it works! I could say that having such plugins would help out your blog in link building campaigns. Thanks!

  27. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the info. I am using commentluv plugin on my blogs as well to reward my readers and commenters. It is a great plugin and when I look for some blogs to read, there are lots of them who have installed it on their blogs. :)

  28. Never heard of these two plug-ins. Will google them right now. Thanks for the information.

  29. Hi Phil,

    I have been using commentluv plugin on my blogs and I like the result it brings to my blogs. I love this plugin!